December 7, 2022

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A Cheap Apple Pencil will be released.. Details..

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Although guests like Apple products, it’s irrefutable that their prices are precious. Although the company has released affordable bias similar as the 10th Gen iPad to break this situation, it isn’t enough. For illustration, someone who buys the iPad I mentioned has to buy a Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil in order to use all the features. Unfortunately, these products are also relatively precious. Unfortunately, these products are also relatively precious, but allegedly, Apple is working on a cheap Apple Pencil that will exclude this problem.

‘ Cheap ’ Apple Pencil will vend for$ 49
According to a post on Weibo, Apple scrapped plans for a new$ 50 interpretation of the Apple Pencil, indeed though formerly entered mass product. This interpretation of the Apple Pencil allegedly featured iPhone comity and also would have answered one of the big complaints about the 10th Gen iPad. As you know, the cheap iPad now uses USB- C, but the compatible Apple Pencil is charged via lightning, which requires druggies to buy an redundant$ 9 dongle( vended independently).

The source says that Apple had a new Apple Pencil in the workshop, codenamed “ Marker, ” that it was planning to release at its September event. Apple was reportedly targeting a price of around$ 49 for this accessory, making it significantly cheaper than the first- generation Apple Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2. Current models are presently priced at$ 129 and$ 99.
Unfortunately, the affordable price also causes us to lose some features. Cheap Apple Pencil supposedly did n’t point pressure- seeing technology or a battery outside. rather of this, the company developed a chip that would be used to power the stylus through the screen. We ’ve seen this technology before on Samsung’s S- Pen models.

In addition, the new pen will be compatible with iPhones. Unfortunately, other Apple Pencil models didn’t work on phone defenses. This could be annoying, especially considering the size of the iPhone Pro Max. Although the rumors are good, there’s no sanctioned advertisement or leak yet for the cheap Apple Pencil. Whether the rumors are true or not will be revealed at the event in September.

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