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Nirmala Convent Movie Review

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Nirmala Convent Movie Review

Nirmala Convent Movie Review

Nirmala Convent is the story of Shyam (Roshan) who falls in love with his classmate Santhi (Shriya Sharma). As usual their love gets opposed by her father Bhupathi Raju (Aditya Menon) who is a landlord and owns 99 acres of land. Shyam’s family owns 1 acre of land which is quite important for the water feed of the 99 acres land that Raju owns. It is during this time, Shyam challenges Bhupathi Raju about winning in life and the rest of the film is all about his success in life and love. Watch Nirmala Convent to know about what happens next and how the story ends.

The first half of Nirmala Convent has nothing much new to reveal. The entire film has been completely predictable and is a boring feast for the audience. The performances by the lead actors is the only saviour for the film as each and every episode can be completely predicted. The songs have been decent and they have been shot in beautiful locales. The interval episodes make the film interesting and on the whole the first half of Nirmala Convent offers nothing new but a predictable old age love story.
The second half of Nirmala Convent too carries the same emotions and feel as the first half. The movie dips down even more and Nagarjuna’s special role is the only refreshing point throughout the second half. The pre-climax episodes make the film even worse and the songs have been the barriers for this predictable love story. On the whole, the second half kills the complete film andNirmala Convent offers nothing for the audience.

Srikanth’s Roshan makes an impressive debut and his performance along with his expressions have been top notch. He has been completely perfect for the role of Shyam in the movie. Shriya Sharma has been decent and she too makes an impressive debut in the role of Santhi. Nagarjuna has been a huge relief for the film as his character has been completely refreshing. All the other actors have been decent in their roles.

The story of Nirmala Convent has been derived from the old Telugu films and it has nothing much to get excited. The screenplay and the dialogues have been below average. The cinematography and the editing have been decent. The music and the background score are the major highlights of the movie. The production values have been lavish and grand. The director fails in all the available ways to come down with an imperessive youthful entertainer through Nirmala Convent.

Final Word:
Nirmala Convent is a movie that can be completely ignored because of the predictable and outdated plot along with the poor execution.

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